Alan Watts: Your Life is Not a Journey

Recently I came across a beautiful video capturing a dharma talk by Alan Watt’s (who was one my early spiritual influencers):

I like and resonate with the idea that the universe is “basically playful” with no “destination that it ought to arrive at”. This perspective comes naturally to me – I am naturally a playful person.

But how does the notion of life as play jive with the notion of a purpose-driven life? For example, did Nelson Mandela think of life merely, or primarily, as play when he made sacrifices against the apartheid?

Perhaps the most integral view is that life is play, but within this game we get to invent higher-order missions or challenges, in order to make things more exciting? And that’s how we invent our purpose, from a place of imagination and free play?

Here’s another Alan Watts – inspired video that seems to point to this perspective: