A delightful conversation with our friends Amanda and Sean at the Hummingbird Intentional Community

0:45 bike trip around the country
1:52 soul can re-meet itself
2:14 all available for creation
2:40 allow consciousness to experience itself
3:05 bring more joy into the world
3:45 creating conscious community
4:32 slow life movement
8:57 life as an experiment
9:43 what if i didn’t have a purpose?
9:55 untangling soul’s purpose from ego’s purpose
10:20 softer looking and deeper listening
11:27 relaxing into myself
12:05 emergence and coherence
13:33 your soul’s intelligence
14:45 cultural (re-)design
16:23 strange manifold of reality
16:45 soul’s vision vs perceived calling
17:20 visions through dreams
17:37 best practices in community
18:43 feminine capacity to flow
19:16 “you’re always on your path”
19:50 listening into action
20:50 what needs to be done
21:38 emergence
22:27 play things into existence
23:08 what am i for?