On the road

This is a spontaneously-captured excerpt of my wife Lucy Flood interviewing me, while driving on our recent road trip:

Some highlights of the conversation:

3:10 one step at a time
3:43 top-down vs bottom-up
4:10 tinkering
4:55 cultural stories
7:30 the journey
7:54 unplugging from the routine
8:45 reacting to your inbox
10:00 the primacy of human experience
11:00 human thriving
11:44 corporate interwoven with spiritual
12:25 blending the wisdom of different worlds
13:35 struggling in the corporate world
14:30 the momentum of career progression
15:33 remembering to look for yourself
15:55 how did i get here?
16:25 relating to each other as functional objects
18:25 the fulfillment of big impact
18:55 building something that millions of people use
19:50 go alone or join a team?
21:00 compromises
22:30 heading in the right direction
21:15 waiting for the dust to settle
28:50 loving the reality
29:50 letting more people experience the freedom of existence
30:53 bugs on the windshield
31:13 killing
32:42 the magnificent desert
33:52 sourcing from awareness
34:10 humble